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Electronic Dance Music Latino or EDM Latino

The electronic dance music latino o EDM Latino as we know it today, is nothing but a fusion of musical styles such as electronic dance music with tropical rhythms like merengue, salsa, bachata, cumbia and reggaeton. They are the main bases for the merger of these musical mixtures, which have been very successful in recent years because of the great exponents of the genre.

With the creation of genre house which is a style of electronic dance music, also know as EDM, which was created in the mid 80’s in the city of Chicago. We can’t clearly highlight the pioneering because this genre was very influential in the Latin world.But the latin electronic dance music took greater strength in the years 90`s with exponents like Sandy y Papo, Illegales, Proyecto Uno, who created what is known as Merengue House.

Now Tigre Fino is one of the greatest producers of the electronic dance music and his combination with latino instruments and effects set him apart from other producers and artist of this genre. Significantly, the international acceptance of the Electronic Latino Music which is growing stronger due to the sensuality that gives the mix of tropical rhythms with electronic dance music.

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