Tigre Fino - Electronic Dance Music, Electro Reggaeton, Electro Merengue, Electro Dembow.

Tigre Fino – Electronic Dance Music, Electro Reggaeton, Electro Merengue, Electro Dembow.

Tigre Fino, a freak and proud music producer, writer, and performer, with great skills in music genres like electronic dance music, electro reggaeton, electro merengue, and electro dembow. Accompanied by crazy and sexy electronic sounds, unique style, and lyrics dedicated to women and party life.

 My motto is:
“The world is full of freaks… I’m proud 2 B 1″

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Reggaeton and Hip Hop Instrumentals

Reggaeton-And-Hip-Hop-Instrumentals by Tigre Fino
Reggaeton and hip hop instrumentals with exotic sounds and effects. A lot of diversity of latin instruments mixed with electronic sounds and effects. These instrumentals will help you to open your creativity when writing songs for reggaeton and hip hop. Like this:Like Loading...

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a complete professional recording studio right on the Mac, that gives musicians and recording studio engineers everything they need to go from first note to final master. Whether you’re recording a solo guitar or a full band, Logic has numerous workflow features to ensure that you capture everything...

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Steinberg Cubase 7

Cubase 7 Cubase Artist 7
Cubase 7 is one of the most intuitive, and most capable DAWs that arrived, setting new milestones in the history of digital audio production, and music recording. From tracking bands and mixing albums, to creative sound design, electronic music production, and enhanced track visibility tools make it incredibly easy to manage large sessions...

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Pro Tools 11

Pro Tools 11
Pro Tools 11 is armed with a redesigned 64-bit architecture and a highly enhanced audio and video engine to give you the processing power you need to work with extremely large, complex, and technically demanding sessions.  System Requirement Mac Avid-qualified Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3) 4 GB of RAM (8 GB...

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